800,000 pcs

sold in 2018

One-stop service

1. Confirm assimilation lighting requirement:

陕汽潍柴之争 www.037016.live The customer provides relevant information about the greenhouse and makes relevant requirements. Megaphoton service team communicates with the customer in depth and fully understands the requirements.

2. Design and installation:

After fully understanding the customer's requirements, based on our many years of on-site construction experience and engineering team's professional engineering design, we can customize the horticultural lighting solution for customers. If necessary, we will assign engineers to visit the site to guide the installation. Of course, our lighting fixture installation is very easy after years practices and the design is constantly improved.?

3. After-sales tracking service:

Our professional customer support team that provides ongoing after-sales service to eliminate your after-sales worries.

Greenhouse Projects

Hongfu, Daqing City, China
1000W/380V, 7000pcs
Qingyun, Dezhou City, China
1000W/380V, 1700pcs
Yonggeng Agriculture in Hubei
1000W/380V, 3300pcs
Jingnong Intelligence, China
1000W/380V, 500pcs
Nanhe Agricultural carnival
600W/220V, 1600pcs
Dashun, Tianjin, China
600W/380V, 7000pcs
Aibida, Yinchuan, 5 hectares, China
1000W/380V, 3700pcs
Flower port, Yinchuan, China
1000W/380V, 700pcs
Aibida, Yunnan Province, China
1000W/380V, 2000pcs
Mei Mountain, CNBM, China
1000W/400V, 3800pcs
Project of Flower, Dongying, China
600W/220V Internal reflector system
Dashun, Tianjin, China
600W/380V 7000pcs
Project of Eco-friendly Plants, China
Internal reflector system
Daxing District, Beijing,
2000pcs LED Top lighting System
Horti 1000W HPS Lighting System